Aquabear Legion’s Best of 2016

Our debut album was included in Aquabear Legion’s Best of 2016 list of Ohio releases, and featured on their latest Western Reserve Podcast. Thanks to everybody at Aquabear!

Some great bands on this list!
Bloody Show – “Bell Hooks”
The Village Bicycle – “Sprankles”
Leggy – “Backyard”
Brat Curse – “Complete Control”
Mikey Machine – “50 Years”
Sex Tide – “Boarded Up”
Bloodthirsty Virgins – “In the End”
St. Lenox – “You Don’t Call Me Anymore”
EYE – “Searching”
Skeletonwitch – “Well of Despair”
Slackluster – “Let It Show”
Extra Medium Pony – “Doin’ Fine”
Raw Pony – “Country Ripoff”

Bloodthirsty Virgins Reviews Coming In…

A couple wonderful reviews of our debut album have been published in the past couple weeks…

Selective Memory – “Bloodthirsty Virgins presents dissilusionment, surrounding rich lyrical writing with carefully disciplined musical seduction.”

The Rogers Revue – “If Lalo Schifrin and Henry Mancini were around today to give their opinions on movie scores and music in films, they’d be hard pressed to ignore the upcoming self-titled album from Bloodthirsty Virgins.”